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Residential Interior Painting

Vancouver interior decor Painting: Many have heard that "anyone" can slap paint on a wall. It's true. Anyone can. But will it look good? For a paint job to last and look beautiful preparing the walls is the most important part and constitutes at least half the job.

Vancouver interior decor Repairs: from small holes and dings to large drywall repairs, we can help. We also make the finishing touches on your baseboards, crown mouldings and cabinets so that the end result is perfect. And yes, we can even repair those mouldings and door casings.

Cabinet Refinishing: We have the expertise and the RIGHT tools to give your cabinets an amazing finish. From paint to wood stain, this might be the right choice for you instead of replacing your cabinets! Also ask us about our specialty finishes such as old french country styles and other unique cabinet finishes.

Commercial Painting

Property managers, building owners and office managers are among our many clients. We know that this is a demanding world of persons moving out of their apartment or office suite and needing the painting company to come in on demand, do the work quickly, quietly, and cleanly, and get out... and all of this in a tight budget. Give us a call to find out about our special commercial rates.

Decorative Walls
Vancouver interior decor Stenciled Walls

Over the years many of our clients wanted “something more than just paint” for their spaces. Many people like the look of wall paper but don't want the hassle of removal down the road or the expense for a pattern that may go out of style in years to come. We create walls that have pattern, the look of wall paper but with freedom to choose exact colour and sheen that will provide a perfect backdrop to the space. Many find they can be more daring than they would have as it is fairly easy to paint over years down the road, however we strive to provide a wall covering you will love for years to come.

Property Developers love it as well as they can have a bold feature wall and it can just be painted over by the new homeowner. The cost for this is also appealing as much of the expense from having wallpaper hung is the wallpaper itself. We can do so much with metallic, clay or acrylic paints and at a better cost. If you can imagine it, then there is a good chance we can do it! Or leave the imagining up to us to make it all look “just right”.

Acrylic and Venetian Plasters


So much can be done with Acrylic plasters, especially when mixed with other media like swarovski crystals or metallic foils. We can make walls look anything from old world to ultra modern including metallic finishes and glazing.

Natural Lime and Marble Plasters


So why lime? In today's world, more and more people are concerned with the materials they surround themselves with. Lime plaster is actually good for the air quality in your home and as it has low ph levels, mold will not live in lime plaster. This is why it is used in high humidity places like Venice, throughout Europe, and Morocco even uses it in their steam rooms, their Hammam's - to regulate moisture in its silky smooth finish. It's great for homes in beautiful but rainy Vancouver. But it can't only be good for us. Most of us desire a space that is beautiful and feels like home. Lime or Venetian plaster, as it is also referred to, is beautiful. This is the most healthiest, long-lasting, durable, and beautiful finish you can put on your walls!

As it is malleable much can be done and there are different variations to the coarseness. A fine Marmorino can be polished to a shine of glass, actually giving a reflection. With a Classic Lime plaster a skip trowel effect can mimic the ‘old world' charm of generations of renderings. This is what I fell in love with when in Italy and why I desired to learn how to create this feeling in my home.

In morocco there are the baths known as Hammam's, these Hammam's are wrapped in what they call Tadelakt. Tadelakt means “to rub in.” It is a plaster that after it sets and dries, Olive oil soap is rubbed in making it water resistant, yet it still breaths. It is used for tubs, shower surrounds and wash basins. It has a wonderfully velvet smooth finish that will create a seamless backdrop to any humid space. As it is lime based it is great for resisting mold growth. No matter the size or complexity of the job we have skilled trades we work with to create a beautiful and long-lasting finish.